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Everything we currently know about Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms.



  • Browser based MMORPG [1]
  • Free to play [2]
  • Titled 'Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms' [3]
  • 3rd person perspective [4]
  • Beta testing is expected to begin later this year. [3]. There will be a private beta, followed by a closed beta and then open beta [5]
  • Initially expected to be released around January 2013 [6], however this date has since passed
  • Currently under development by Artplant [7] and Bigpoint [1], in collaboration with HBO [2]
  • Developed using the Unity platform, which was also used for several other Bigpoint titles including Battlestar Galactica Online, which Artplant also helped develop [1]


  • Based on the HBO television series 'Game of Thrones', which is itself based on the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' book series written by George R.R. Martin [1]
  • Set after the events of season one of the TV series, which is based on the first A Song of Ice and Fire Book, 'A Game of Thrones' [8]
  • Aims to incorporate the best moments from the series [9]
  • Doesn't rigidly adhere to the progression of the series [5]
  • Plans to incorporate many key events, characters, and locations into the game in a way that makes sense to loyal fans [5]
  • Set within Westeros [1]
  • Strong knowledge of Game of Thrones will not be required to enjoy the game [5]
  • Opportunity to add new content over time, such as content from new seasons of the Game of Thrones TV series [2]
  • Developers aiming to stay as true to the lore as they can [2]
  • Everything put in-game is reviewed by HBO in advance [5]
  • There has been input from George R.R Martin, although he is not involved in the day to day development of the game [10]
  • Working with the design team from HBO. The look and style of the weapons and armor are all straight out of the TV show [11]
  • Will include audio assets from the TV show, such as voice overs, incidental sound effects such as crowds and horses and the opening theme [6]
  • Hope to adapt the map from the TV title sequence into an interactive in-game map, showing territory control [10]

Gameplay and Mechanics

  • Mainly PvP, with small group combat, one on one duels and siege battles [2]
  • PvE elements will be available at launch, but they are not a major priority [9]
  • There will be some quests [10]
  • Politics will play a vital role [2]

  • There will be character customization in the form of changing hair, makeup, clothing etc [10]
  • Starting abilities will be decided based on a chosen lineage [10]
  • Character levels will go to 100 [4]
  • Female characters will be handled differently, to keep true to the lore - there are not that many female warriors [4]
  • Wont contain classes in the traditional sense, will contain an open ended skills and abilities system [9]
  • Combat will include 'normal assortment you’d expect from a fantasy MMO – melee, ranged and so on' [5]
  • Players can be unique contributors on the battlefield, with unique skill sets [10]
  • Will not be a scripted experience, the game will encourage players to shape their character development to advance the game [2]

  • Real time, player controlled combat - there won't be any auto-attacking. Movement will be controlled with WASD keys, and the one, two, and three keys correspond to low, medium and high attacks respectively. Players can perform a combination of the strikes then click an ability for the finishing move. [10]
  • Able to use 'hero cards,' which feature characters from the TV series, to gain advantages in battle [4]

  • Groups of players can come together to form a lesser house. The lesser house then aligns itself with one of the three major houses: Baratheon, Stark, or Lannister. Aligning with each house will have specific benefits and drawbacks [10]. Guilds can change their allegiance at certain points [11]
  • Players begin unaligned, until they formally join or create a lesser house [10]
  • Hope to expand the game by including all nine major Houses some time after launch [2]
  • There is the goal of installing the Hand of the King, voting amongst teammates and guilds will be 'a considerable part of the process' [9]
  • Actions a player takes, and the actions of their guild and alliance, affects the player's overall status, which will become an important indicator in the game [9]
  • Solo play is possible, but group play and forging communities will be encouraged [5]
  • Lesser houses can create quests for their members [10]
  • Bandits roam the lands and will be allied with whatever factions owns the lands [10]

  • All lands except for King's Landing, which will be neutral, can be conquered and controlled by the different factions. Lands can also change allegiance without changing ownership; a lesser house can actually switch and align with a different major house without any fighting [10]
  • Players can be Hand of the King for a week through a voting system [10]
  • In siege PvP, combat will grow larger in scale, where players must capture keeps and forts before taking the opponent's castle [2]
  • There will be eight castles, 16 forts and many keeps [10]
  • Controlling the castle means you control the land [10]
  • Players will be safe from attack from other players in their own lands, but will be open to attack in lands controlled by others [10]

  • Will be a ranking system [10]

  • Wolves, bears and other beasts in the lands which players can kill [10]

  • Featured requested by players may be added over time [10]

  • Not aiming to be any major magical elements at launch, but there may be some minor ones [2]
  • Dynamic weather and day/night system [10]
  • The game is graphic and mature as the team is going for a 16+ rating, although the devs will be careful with nudity [10]

  • There will be no crafting in-game [10]

  • Will include microtransactions - there will be various items and weapons available for upgrade which can be purchased using in-game currency. Most items that will be attainable will likely be for customisation and consumables, and potentially include items for horses. All items will be obtainable through normal gameplay [9]
  • Will be premium currency and basic currency [5]


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